“Our newsletters drive people to our website.”

The Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel is a conference and spa hotel in Kirkkonummi, Finland, which was first opened in 2010. They offer meeting and conference facilities, accommodation, beauty and wellness services and dining options. Most of their marketing is digital, and it’s getting more and more important every year.

Langvik customer case

The challenge

Being a travel and wellness company, Långvik was very dependent on successful direct marketing. They promoted their services to both companies and consumers, all year long, and their newsletters contained everything from products and offers to news, benefits and a wide range of competitions. Digital marketing was vital for them to make sure their rooms were booked at all times, not only during high seasons. To achieve this, Långvik wanted to generate more website traffic and increase their amount of online sales.

“APSIS got in touch with us a few years ago, and we realised that their system was exactly what we needed for our challenges: managing our email marketing easily all year long and getting more traffic to our website,”
-Kati Stenbäck, Marketing Manager

Langvik customer case eventplanning

The solution

We recommended APSIS Pro to Långvik because we saw that they needed an email marketing platform with a flexible, easy-to-use interface, which could handle a wide range of communications. We also suggested using APSIS Pro Event as an add-on, to centralise and simplify their event marketing management.

The result

“Since we’ve stopped using our previous, stiff email marketing system and started using both APSIS Pro and APSIS Pro Event, our experiences have been really positive. Both tools are easy to use - we have a team of only two people and we do all newsletters ourselves,” Stenbäck says.

Långvik noticed that suddenly, they could send large volumes of newsletters without any bottlenecks. The company also noticed the increased impact of their email marketing when they started checking the source of their website traffic: their newsletter soon rose to one of the top three drivers of traffic on their site!

In addition to this, Långvik’s use of APSIS Event Pro made their event management much easier, creating a clear way of promoting events for everyone. In Stenbäck’s experience,  APSIS Pro and APSIS Pro Event work very well together: “We find the flexibility of both APSIS tools very important. So much so that in the future, we may invest in other APSIS services as well - especially since digital marketing is becoming more and more relevant each day,” she tells us.

Långvik also participates in APSIS trainings and events regularly, and has had happy experiences so far with all cooperation and communication from ours side.

“These trainings and breakfast seminars are targeted towards people working with marketing in their daily jobs, which is really good. We get to hear solutions to everyday problems such as maintaining our lists and schedules, which is very valuable for us!”, Stenbäck describes.

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