"The APSIS platform delivers high stability and deliverability."

Founded in 1866 in Bornholm (Denmark), Færgen is a ferry company with 8 routes in and between Denmark and Sweden.

Faergen färja reser på havet

The Challenge

Færgen was looking for efficient ways to lift the load off their customer service department. They also wanted to create a better communication strategy, one which used their internal resources better while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

The solution

Through a great team effort between one of our Customer Developers from APSIS Sales and a specialist from our Professional Services team in APSIS Consultancy, we presented Færgen with an APSIS Pro Trigger solution based on their individual needs, after which Færgen felt ready to start up things immediately.


“The APSIS platform delivers high stability and great deliverability, which lets our customers experience great service and makes them feel secure for their future journey with us.”
- Simon Lambrecht-Deleuran, E-commerce Manager, Færgen




+100 000 EUR

Additional sales onboard


Better customer satisfaction

The result

Færgen did not originally have this type of automated (triggered) email communication with their customers. As a start, they set up email activities in 4 different languages using the APSIS Pro Trigger module and the APSIS Pro transactional email module. These activities were connected to the different stages in the customer journey while booking a trip on one of Færgen’s ferry lines: order confirmations, ticket change confirmation, notification of upgrade opportunities, and a reminder 3 days before travelling.

According to Lambrecht-Deleuran, “The high level of proactive service in the emails made it easier for our customers to find the solution for themselves online. The commercial angle in our emails has directly contributed to an increase in revenue.” Færgen’s early results already show clear benefits: their improvements in customer experience and satisfaction all originate from the better communication process - not to mention increased revenue, with over 100 000 EUR from additional sales onboard being realized. Færgen’s case shows clearly how starting up even a basic email flow can bring significant gains to your business.

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