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Does your MarTech stack help you reach your marketing goals? If the answer is no, you might want to try something new. Whether you want to improve your user journey, lead management, results, recovery rate, retention or gain smarter insights into audience behaviour: APSIS One is the solution for you. 

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How APSIS One will help you reach your goals

APSIS One is the easy-to-use marketing platform for advanced personalisation with native tools for Marketing Automation, Email, SMS, website tracking – and more. With this smooth all-in-One solution, you can:

  • Segment your audience from multiple data points
  • Personalise your emails to cater to each and every customer
  • Automate to stay relevant, increase conversions and save time
  • Track website behaviour to infuse your marketing with web data
  • Get started quickly

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APSIS One: The Results

Let’s back up our claims with proof and results.  With APSIS One, you can see up to:


of your lost sales recovered


increase in customer/membership retention


saved resources saved through automation


advertising budget saved


increased sales through automated emails instead of bulk


reduced implementation cost


APSIS One – According to our customers

Sabis, Experience

“With APSIS One, we have the opportunity to work with automated customer journeys on a whole other level and integrate data from multiple platforms. This will enable us to tailor our communication to the customer’s status in the customer journey and become more efficient with our marketing efforts.”

– Sema Schmidt, Head of Marketing

Golfcenter, Retail

"While using APSIS One, our online sales have grown by 25% this year and our customer base is steadily growing. Another great aspect is that we, with the help of the new email editor, are able to save a lot of time."

– Anssi Rauhala, Head of Digital

Datapartner, B2B

"For us, the automation feature is very valuable. Thanks to this, we can push harder on what our potential customers actually have an interest in and give them even more relevant information."

-Robin Ekelund, Customer Relations & Market