“We chose APSIS for its very user-friendly system.”

Suomen Vahinkovakuutus is a modern insurance company producing tailored insurance services for its partners as a white label provider. Nowadays, the company produces non-life insurances for consumers via two brands: POP Insurance and Säästöpankki Insurance.

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The challenge

Apart from invoices and insurance documents, Suomen Vahinkovakuutus didn’t have any communication with their existing clients. The company felt that regular and meaningful communication was a key factor for keeping their customers on board and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

The solution:

Suomen Vahinkovakuutus’ communication needs were met by starting to use APSIS Pro and its Survey, Trigger and Transactional add-ons for mainly marketing automation, and also to collect important information for improving their customers’ satisfaction.

The result

Suomen Vahinkovakuutus decided to use APSIS so they could both communicate with customers and also increase the chance of additional sales for existing customers. ”We chose APSIS for its very versatile and user-friendly system. The possibility of sending triggered messages, which was an area we wanted to improve, was an important factor for us when we selected APSIS,” describes Helena Tielinen Marketing & CRM Planner at Suomen Vahinkovakuutus.

Suomen Vahinkovakuutus uses APSIS tools for a wide range of functions, starting from an automated welcome process for new customers, individual campaigns and surveys to internal communication. ”When purchasing a new insurance scheme from POP Insurance, our customer gets a series of automated welcome messages which includes lots of useful information about their new insurance and service. In addition to this, automated messages are great for additional sales. For example, we can promote home insurance to a person who recently bought car insurance. We have noticed that welcome letters are an efficient way of strengthening the new customer relationship. Our open rates looking at long term are almost 70%,” Tielinen says.

Suomen Vahinkovakuutus also uses APSIS Pro Survey for customer satisfaction surveys, when they ask their customers to recommend their company after their purchase, as well as internal personnel surveys. ”It’s important for us to be in touch with our customers through more than just invoices. In addition to triggered messages, we’ve also run targeted campaigns with excellent results. Our open rates for these campaigns have been around 40%, and click rates 25-30%. So you can see email is a very important channel for us to make additional sales for existing customers,” Tielinen adds.

As well as internal and external communication, Suomen Vahinkovakuutus uses APSIS when communicating with their B2B partners, such as car shops. ”We follow up closely and constantly on the results of the emails we send out to further develop, test and optimise our communication and use APSIS tools in new ways. It’s been very nice to see that APSIS really wants to develop their systems. During the years I’ve had the chance to work with APSIS tools, I’ve really seen an improvement,” Tielinen sums up.


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